We offer a vast selection of custom frames to help compliment your décor. A simple but clean flat black wood frame is our standard and can be seen in our gallery. We have the ability to cut or etch most material for your display needs. This includes, but is not limited to, matboard (both suede and classic finish), acrylic, and wood. We use acid free framing materials and industry standard UV resistant acrylic. A 100% UV resistant option is available.

    Custom acrylic cases are made from the highest quality imported cast acrylic providing optics that surpasses glass. Each display is fully customized to best compliment and protect your valuables. Our displays are constructed using ¼” clear acrylic providing both safety and strength. The standard base is ½” with a ¼” inner step giving strength and integrity to your case. Riser, or thicker, bases are available and can be seen in our gallery (Buffy Egg, Click Remote, Iron Man Hand) and can include an access door or drawer.

    This new style of display is part laser cut frame and part acrylic case.  Perfectly customizable, we’ll fabricate one to hang on your wall or place at your desk. They are made with the same acid free matboard and UV resistant acrylic we use in our conventional displays.

    We specialize in one-of-a-kind acrylic stands to properly display your prop or collectible. From swords and shields to coins and rings,we can build to suit your taste and space restrictions.

    We offer an endless selection of custom plaques. Our standard is a photo etched magnesium plate measuring 1.5”H x 4”L. Custom sizes are available. Each plaque may include the movie logo and a short description of your item displayed, for example. Optional laser etched plaques are available in specially treated metals (aluminum or brass), and also in acrylic or wood.

      A brand new service we are offering is laser etched signs. We can build a custom LED acrylic stand for your favorite movie, studio, sports team, or brand logo.